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Audio Restoration

Audio recordings may seem to have been around for a very long time but, in fact, they are relatively new on the scene. Although Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville was experimenting with recording sound waves as early as 1857, it was Thomas Edison who, in 1878, created the cylinder based phonograph and who is credited as the father of audio recording. Since the days of hand cranked sound reproduction devices, the methods of recording and playing back audio, as well as the media on which recordings were made, have improved at an accelerated rate. Many older technologies such as 78, 45, 33 1/3, and 16 RPM records, wire and reel to reel tape recordings, 8 track cartridges and cassettes are almost forgotten. In fact, CDs and digital audio tape devices are also included on Audio Recording Technology Endangered List!

Since their beginning, sound recordings have been a valuable tool for the collection and preservation of musical performances, historical events and precious moments. From concerts in Carnegie Hall to Inaugural Ceremonies, the microphones were there. Our children’s laughter, our father at the piano or the family singing around the Christmas tree have all been preserved by millions of amateur recordists. Like a science fiction time machine, recordings made on any type of device can magically transport us back to a moment in our lives as if it were yesterday. Unfortunately, as time goes by, many of these wonderful recordings have become damaged or have partially deteriorated due to age.

Now, because of the digital age, many of the older recordings and memories that could have been lost have been rescued! With today’s computers, wonderful software and highly skilled sound engineers, endangered recordings can not only be restored but, in many cases, made to sound even better than they did when they were new. Old records can have serious scratches removed, crackles minimized and warps partially or totally repaired. Monaural records can even be given a stereo image if desired. Tape recordings can be repaired, de-hissed and / or de-noised often providing stunning results. Even recordings with background noise can be made to sound better. In fact, today there are very few problem recordings that can't be partially or totally repaired.

Winterwood Recording Studios' staff has been actively involved in the art of Audio Restoration for over 25 years and offers both the expertise and latest restoration technology to put new life into old recordings. Since each restoration project comes with its own unique difficulties, our prices vary. Email Us or call 479.253.5670.

Audio Restoration

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