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Music Business and Career Consulting

Let’s pretend we all know a person who can pick up a baseball bat and knock the ball out of the park every time he steps up to the plate. Let’s further pretend that he can do it with one hand tied behind his back while he is blindfolded. No matter what kind of pitch comes his way, this guy always slams it out of the park. Sounds great doesn’t it? Maybe not.

There are lots of musicians, vocalists and songwriters who can also “knock it out of the park” every time they step into the lime light. So why are their careers no further along than they were a year or two ago? Why are they spinning their wheels and going nowhere?

Let’s go back to our imaginary batter who nails every pitch that comes his way. He has a wonderful talent of hitting the ball but what if he doesn’t know what to do next? What if he doesn’t know the rules of the game? What a shame it would be to leave all that talent standing at the plate!

There are way too many performing artists and writers who have spent years perfecting their talent and polishing their performances but have never given a thought to what they were going to do next. Is their final dream just to play gigs in the local bar or coffee house? Is the ultimate destination of their talent and hard work going to be spent at wedding receptions? Do they really enjoy writing songs that end up in their desk drawers? Certainly, this is enough for those who enjoy playing or writing but don’t want to make a career of it. For others, it’s a trap they get stuck in without being able to find their way out.

There have been many books written about how to succeed in the music business and, although their approaches may vary slightly, they ALL have the same general theme. They ALL encourage artists to learn and understand the business of music. If a batter doesn’t know the rules of the game, if a performing artist doesn’t know how the music business works, how will either of them get to first base?

The Winterwood Staff is experienced in far more than the art of recording. Owner Eric Schabacker started and ran the most successful booking agency of its type in Florida and knows what it takes to build a performance based career that can comfortably sustain itself. Over the years he has helped hundreds for bands and single artists double, triple and even quadruple their performance, merchandise and CD income. Eric has also administered his own boutique music publishing house for over three decades and is an expert the areas of intellectual property, copyrights, royalties and music publishing.

Eric enjoys consulting artists and watching their resulting growth. His years of practical experience in the trenches and his Berklee College of Music training have made him a valuable resource to those who want to learn more about the business they love.

Up to three hour consulting sessions covering the subjects of Artist Promotion or Copyright & Music Publishing are available for those who want to succeed in the music business. These sessions can be done in person with Eric or over the phone. The cost for each session is $125.00 and is worth every cent. After all, how can learning more about the business side of music hurt an artist’s career? Want to know more? We have the answers. Email us or call 479.253.5670 to set up your session. Go the extra mile…!

Music Business Consulting

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