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Recording Services

When it comes to making hits, the Winterwood staff has more experience than all the other Arkansas recording studios combined. Simply put, we understand the art of recording. The awards earned by our staff and associates along with the testimonials of the artists with whom we have worked clearly emphasize the competency and high standards of Winterwood. This same service that gained us a worldwide reputation is waiting for you.

Winterwood Recordings Studios specializes in the recording of vocal, acoustic and electronic performances. We believe that a great recording begins with the song and its delivery. Because of that, the front-end of the recording chain must be chosen with the feel and message of the song in mind. The choice of the proper microphone for a particular voice and song, for example, is essential. Likewise, the selection of the right preamplifier can turn a lackluster recording into a dazzling performance. Even the converters that change the analog signals into digital information influence the outcome of the finished recording.

It goes without saying that Winterwood has a wonderful collection of high end microphones and preamps and that our converters are state of the art. What’s equally important is that our staff knows how to mix and match these various components to deliver the winning combination for any given project. Why can we consistently do this? Because our staff has recorded thousands of projects and we have learned what works and what doesn’t. We know every piece of equipment on the floor from the first link in the chain to the last.

Unlike many other studios these days, we have the ability and we enjoy recording groups head on rather than one instrument at a time. We believe the feeling and magic of the performance is preserved by recording “straight ahead.” The math is somple: Feeling + Magic = Mojo.With this being said, vocals and certain acoustic instruments are still best treated as overdubs.

Our Recording Services include almost any sort of digital, multi-track configuration our artists require from simple guitar and vocals to full fledged rock bands and from brass ensembles to folk, bluegrass & Christian groups. In other words, we record everything (except offensive language and subject matter).
Winterwood Recording Studios, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Go the Extra Mile! You’ll be glad you did. Email Us or call 479.253.5670.

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