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Song Evaluation

One could never over emphasize the role that songs play in the success or failure of recording artists. It has often been said that one’s musical career begins with the song. Others are quick to add that their career can end there as well.

There are many methods and techniques that are used in the construction of hit songs. Conversely, many of these tools have been neglected in songs that are less memorable. One thing, however, seems apparent: Those who are new to the craft of songwriting are often unaware of their shortcomings. All too often a song’s meaning (message) is clear to the writer but leaves the listener questioning. Poor grammatical construction, confusing tense changes, alternating second and third persons, misplaced modifiers and unnecessary flowery language will send a listener looking for another song. A song may be crystal clear to the writer but, if the listener gets lost, the song has failed. No matter who the writer might be, an aspiring artist can’t afford songs like this on their album!

At Winterwood Recording Studios we believe in Great Songs so much that we offer an evaluation service. Simply put, we will look at writers’ song(s) from an outsider’s point of view and tell them what we think and why. From there the writer can do what they want to fix the song’s perceived weakness or they can leave it like it is. It's up to the writer. Our evaluation service is like having an accomplished songwriter who isn’t a friend or family member take a look at your song and politely tell you their honest opinion. It’s your chance to have someone preview your song before you spend a lot of money recording it and putting it out there for the public to hear. Why would conscientious writers not want to do something that makes this much sense?

Winterwood Recording Studios’ founder, Eric T. Schabacker, has been a songwriter for more that three decades. As such, he has written hundreds of songs comprising numerous styles and formats. In the past several years he has been the recipient of nearly forty awards from international and national song competitions including the John Lennon, Billboard & Unisong Songwriting Contests and the USA Songwriting Competition. Whether or not you chose to record at Winterwood, Eric is available to review your songs. During the evaluation, suggestions will be offered that will clarify and / or strengthen your songs. After the review, you can consider what was offered and address these issues in any of your subsequent rewrites. Evaluations can be done in person while you meet with Eric or by phone and cost only $49.95 per song.

"Sometimes an outsider looking in can see more clearly than the writer what a song needs to push it over the top. After all, in the music business, it's all about the song." Go the Extra Mile….You’ll be Glad You Did!” Call us at 479.253.5670 for more information.

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