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CD Duplication and Vinyl Record Manufacturing

When planning a recording session, the subject of CD duplication or Vinyl Pressings usually comes up. Since this field of expertise can be confusing, Winterwood Studios is ready, able and willing to help. We constantly check the market place for the best suppliers and fairest prices available.  We will work with both you and our suppliers to make this part of your project run as smoothly as possible. No matter what the need, we’ll help you through the process.

The first thing to consider before CDs are duplicated or Records are pressed is your original recording and how it was made. Has it been mastered? (see Mixing & Mastering for an explanation) If not, make sure to have it mastered with the end product in mind since the process can be different for both CDs and Vinyl.

CD Duplication
CDs are the most popular method of selling music at live performances. Simply put, there is no better way to sell your music to a crowd that’s standing right in front of you than by CD. They fit in a handbag, a big pocket and, if need be, into a simple mailing envelope.

Winterwood partners with only the highest quality duplicators, printers and packaging plants in the United States and will lay the ground work with them for your order to be handled in a professional and prompt manner. Whether your project calls for simple or demanding printed inserts, we can help. Need just a few hundred CDs or more? How about a rush order? We can help. 

Vinyl Record Pressings
As we all know, real records are having a strong come back and there is little argument that the staff at Winterwood Recording Studios has had more products released on vinyl than any other recording studio in the greater Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma area. We grew up listening to vinyl records and have been producing them for clients ever since 1960.

It all starts with a rerecording that’s made with Vinyl in mind. In many respects, a record is far less forgiving than a CD so everything regarding the recording and mastering processes has to be considered. Our staff can help you though the choices, options and answers that are available when considering a vinyl project.

As in the case of CD Duplication, Winterwood works only with the best pressing plants in the country. From cutting the master disc to pressing up your order on the finest presses available, you can count on our suppliers to do the best job using today’s highest standards. If your project requires label and / or jacket design in addition to pressings, we can make it happen!

For more details regarding our Media Services, please call us at 479.253.5670 or E-mail.

vinyl recording studio arkansas

Winterwood only works the the very best CD duplicators in the country.

recording studio arkansas
We know vinyl inside-out! Our recordings have constantly been released on vinyl records for the past 55 years.


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