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What Our Clients Say

Winterwood Studios has a history of successful projects and happy clients. If a studio is known by the company it keeps, then our clients say it all.

Rock/Pop Bands

“If your jaw is not left gaping at the sight of Winterwood Studios, it will be after you witness Eric's abilities and professionalism. Never have I met such a well accomplished producer/sound engineer/songwriter who was only interested in and quick to understand what the artist wants. It's comforting to know you're working with someone who's just as concerned with creating rock based music of only the most exceptional quality. The whole experience left me bubbling with new ideas and a feverish anticipation of throwing down a second album. This goes to 11.”

XNA AllstarsXNA Allstars
“Our wonderful experience recording the XNA Allstars Project at Winterwood Studios was enhanced by the studio’s beautiful location along the shores of Beaver Lake. This, and the other amenities offered by the studio, quickly put us in a “Natural State” of mind and contributed to what turned out to be an exceptional CD. Eric Schabacker is a true professional with an impressive resume and a vast knowledge of recording and mastering technologies. With his help, Winterwood nailed the sound we were looking for.  If the opportunity arises, we will return to Winterwood Studios.”
Mark Risk
Executive Producer
Swingin’ Door Records

Hippie Holler BandHippie Holler Band
“Thank you Eric for helping the Hippie Holler Band record our first album, We Rode On. You know better than anyone how little time we had to pull this project off and your tireless effort was what we needed to make it happen. Best of all, the mix was exactly what we were looking for! We hope to return soon for a second helping. Thanks again Eric." – Bo Attaway

Six Hung Sprung
"Everybody who works for Winterwood Studios shows their love for music through helping others make great recordings. They are honest, hard- working, open minded, passive, innovative and thorough in their work. With customer service being a high priority, Winterwood  is a great place to record."

Maud Crawford
"We came onboard with Winterwood Studios because Eric has a vast musical background and a true talent for producing. But more than his experience, Eric took a personal interest in developing our project. He helped shape our vision into an album that accurately reflects of our band, our individual sound and our members. It's a project we’re proud of because Eric was able to capture what we wanted in an album. His approach to recording has not only given us a debut album that shows everything that we've worked toward, but also has forever changed the way that we will record our music. For that, we are, and always will be, grateful. I most definitely recommend Winterwood Studios, and we really look forward to working with Eric and Winterwood again."

Sean Ritchie
"Our experience at Winterwood Studios was very positive. The studio provided a relaxed atmosphere that made us all feel right at home. Eric paid close attention to detail every step of the way and we were very pleased with the end results.  His talent, expertise, honesty, and ability to work with us made our album production process a dream. Most importantly, we always felt as if our music was as important to him as it was to us. He really cared about both the production process and us as a client. You can hear the results in our final product.  I would highly recommend recording your next project at Winterwood Studios!"

Joe Giles & The HomewreckersJoe Giles & The Homewreckers
"From start to finish, our experience at Winterwood Recording Studio was top notch.  Eric Shabacker's matchless sound engineering expertise and "feel" for our music made working with him effortless and rewarding. Eric's primary goal is to convey the soul of the artist's music to the final product and we feel he succeeds at that to the utmost degree. And did I mention that his lovely wife, Sativa, makes the best homemade cookies we've ever had? Hey, it's all just part of the package."

The Clampdown
"We have recorded at Winterwood Studios twice and each time was amazing. The scenery surrounding Winterwood is astoundingly beautiful and the hospitality is second to none. With the experience that Eric has, he really pushed us to be tighter as a band and better musicians. It was exciting to record with someone who has a passion for music and really wants to see his clients succeed. When you record at Winterwood Studios not only do you leave with a great sounding record, but also some new knowledge and a great friend!" (Josh Johnson now Drums for The Main Line Riders)

Zachary Gump/B-Side Folk Union
"Our experience at Winterwood Studios remains unmatched at any level. The passion that Eric puts into his work is contagious; rubbing off on everyone involved in the recording process. That's one reason we feel that Winterwood is well on its way to becoming a landmark in the
Midwest ."

The ArielsKaren Fitzpatrick/
The Ariels
“I felt nervous when the Ariels first arrived at Winterwood to record "Maxed Out" but it didn't take me long after working with Eric to discover that my feelings were unfounded. His meticulous attention to each detail of our music created a finished product far beyond my expectations. As I sat in what Eric calls "The Sweet Spot," I listened to myself singing the lyrics I had written, perfectly mixed with the music my friends had created, and I felt a flood of satisfaction so overwhelming that I began to cry.”

"Recording at Winterwood Studios was an amazing experience that really brought our band together. Owner Eric Schabacker was very professional and made us feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. It is always great to work with someone who loves what they do and is good at it." Caleb Enyart

Blues Bands

Jimmy ThackeryJimmy Thackery
“Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta, D.C., L.A., Tokyo, Paris... Seems like I’ve recorded albums all over the globe. What’s the adage about finding happiness in your own backyard if you just take the time to look? Here, then, is a musical venture conceived, gathered, and born right in the natural state of Arkansas. What a joy it is to find all the resources needed to make great music right here at home. A state of the art recording studio, a great and all powerful engineer, and the superb home-grown talent of the Cate Brothers. Put these ingredients all together, surrounded by the inspirational beauty of the Ozark Mountains, and you well, got it goin’ on!”

Arkansas Former Governor Mike Huckabee speaks out about Jimmy Thacker's CD
“Putting the punchy power of Jimmy Thackery’s edgy blues in the same musical sandwich as the smooth and tight sounds of the Cate Bothers is not only an Arkansas original, it’s a musical masterpiece! The Natural Sate is quite proud of its musical icons, and especially proud when two of our contemporary favorites join forces to create a show case that will surely delight the senses of those who appreciate raw talent, cooked to perfection by the red-hot stagecraft of these seasoned artists. Did I mention that I really like these guys and love their music? Sure, I’m their Governor, and I’m supposed to say good things about them, but listen for yourself and you’ll see this ain’t no political “spin”. Put your head back, close your eyes, throttle up the volume, and taste the tunes! You’ll be begging for seconds!”
Kory MontgomeryKory Montgomery
"Winterwood Studios is the best place to record music in this part of the country. The relaxed and  friendly environment makes it easy to lay down great tracks. After working with Eric on two projects, I have seen the quality of our recordings move my band to the next level in the music business. Eric Schabacker is a master engineer and serious groups owe it to themselves to  look at Winterwood Studios before deciding where to record."

Lectric Liz & LivewireLectric Liz & Livewire
"Not only was working with Eric a was a gas-gas-gas! Lectric Liz & LiveWire had so much fun at Winterwood and Eric was such a great inspiration to us in putting our project down. His patience and guidance were essential in completing our CD on schedule and within cost. Recommend Eric and Winterwood? Absolutely, positively and undoubtedly!"

Folk/Acoustic Guitar

The Doe BrothersThe Doe Brothers
"The Doe Brothers have attempted recording on a number of occasions but never came close the results Eric so effortlessly gave us. This was the best possible experience we could ever have hoped for. Our CD and the reviews say it all!"

Crow JohnsonCrow Johnson
"In recording studios there are (a) those who know what sounds great, (b) those who will ask what you want and value your vision, (c) those who can bring decades of experience to your project, (d) those who will put all fees on the table and deal with you fairly and (e) those who know how to get the sounds and dynamics others can only imagine. At Winterwood Studios you don't have to pick just one or two, you get all of the above--- in a beautiful location with genuinely great folks. You simply must go there, met Eric Schabacker, see the facility and hear the recordings he's doing. His professional credits and skill will overwhelm you. Recording "Hearsay" there was a fantastic experience... and it's a recording I'll be proud of forever!"

Catherine ReedCatherine Reed
"If the gold and platinum records all over his walls don't convince you to give this guy a try...have him play some demos of projects that have come from this mine. We are so fortunate to have one of Florida 's most prestigious studios relocate to this area and to be so affordable. I trust Eric so much that he's co produced every cd I've made. It's not about ego. It's about the best the artist can sound within their frame work and budget. My cd sales reflect the success of these recording sessions and you can't find a better deal than that."

Maureen AlexanderMaureen Alexander
“I absolutely loved my recording experience at Winterwood Studios.  The natural beauty of the studio’s Ozark Mountain location made me feel at home the moment I pulled my guitar out of its case.

Eric’s studio etiquette and degree of professionalism is top notch. He somehow seems to understand that musicians need their own “space” and freedom to control what they want their sound to be, but if asked, Eric gives great direction. I also appreciated the fact that all of Winterwood’s equipment was well maintained which resulted in a “trouble free” recording experience.

The “icing on the cake” for me was when Eric’s wife, Sativa, gave me the best fruitcake cookie recipe ever! That clinched the deal….I will record there again in a heartbeat!”
Efron WhiteEfron White
"Eric Schabacker is a phenomenal recording engineer- knowledgeable and meticulous. He shapes the studio to the artist- not the artist to it."

Linda DicksonLinda Dickson
"Working with Eric at Winterwood was one of the best experiences of my life. Eric's insight helped me not only become better in the studio, but helped me become a better writer and performer. I walked out of Winterwood on cloud nine and my album is something I'm proud to share with the world. Thanks Eric!"

Bruce Coates
“Winterwood is a first class studio and Eric's skills as a professional sound engineer / producer are untouchable.  We enjoyed his feedback, experiences referenced and his candor.  We are extremely pleased with the outcome and production of our project. Both Eric and Sativa are exceptional hosts and we would recommend Winterwood to anyone who is looking for the best.”  


The Claudia Burson TrioClaudia Burson/The Claudia Burson Trio
"Winterwood Studio is more than a recording studio, it's a music sanctuary. The natural setting on the shores of Beaver Lake , the incredible Adirondack architecture and the gracious, accommodating hosts set the stage for the creative process. The vintage Steinway was the icing on the cake."

Naturally Brass
“When we walked into Eric's studio, which in itself was a cool experience, we felt comfortable right away. The studio is built into the core of his beautiful home on the shores of a gorgeous lake and offered us a creative atmosphere that helped us relax and focus on our music. Although we were just a young amateur group at the time, Eric treated us with respect by providing the types helpful suggestions and insights that could only have come from someone who has been in the recording trenches for a long time. He gave us the opportunity to use his amazing amount of experience (as evidenced by the awards lining his walls) and, at the same time, let us do our thing without trying to take over.”
Observatory Jazz QuartetObservatory Jazz Quartet
“Eric is easy to work with and very professional and.he's the best producer we have ever worked with. His immense experience really helped bring out the best in our music.”

Christian/Gospel Bands & Pianists

Rosie Alexander
Winterwood Studio is not simply a recording studio, but an amazing musical experience. The beautiful surroundings of the property inspire and enhance the work of any artist. Eric's unique, professional skills and his love for the art are apparent in any of his recordings. Recording at Winterw
ood was pure joy for me!

Joel SebagJoel Sebag
“In 2004, I made my first piano recording. As it turned out, a lot of people, especially my patients, wanted copies of my CD for their enjoyment and to give away to others. This encouraged me to produce an album of my piano music that was polished and professional, so, I started looking for someone who had the expertise, skills and facility that could help. I found such a place in Eureka Springs. Winterwood Recording Studios not only had state of the art equipment, they also had two pristine Steinway pianos!  Eric Schabacker, Winterwood’s owner, was a great influence in the completion of my recent project. He gave me great ideas for my arrangements and provided the right people to orchestrate some the songs. Eric also assisted me in the preparation of my recordings for mass production.

Producing “The Serenity of the Ozarks,” at Winterwood was an inspiration and a joy -- the atmosphere and surroundings were perfect for me, they motivated and helped me appreciate God's creation even more. I would highly recommend Winterwood Studios to all artists and musicians.”
We were very impressed with the recording and production talents that Eric brought to the table when we recorded “Undivided Heart” at Winterwood Studios. His willingness to share with us what he had learned over decades of recording big name artists was immediately evident and immeasurable.

Winterewood offers a broad spectrum of new and vintage equipment, an engineer / producer who obviously knows how to use it and a creative atmosphere second to none. What really appealed to us, however, was something that you can put your finger on. Something that words can’t describe. It was like all of Winterwood’s attributes wrapped themselves around our music to create something bigger than all of us. It was Magic!

Winterwood comes with the highest recommendation from us as one of the top 10 recording facilities in the USA. Check it out...You’ll be happy you did.
Jericho DownJericho Down
“When Jericho Down was looking for a studio, we were immediately drawn to Eric Schabacker and Winterwood Studios because of the professionalism and experience he had to offer. What we found was that and more. From the writing of our material to the finished record, Eric took an interest in our band. He helped us make our songs better before we even laid down the first track. He taught us a lot about songwriting, putting the song first, recording as a band, distributing our album and getting our music “out there”. As a result, we now have fans that we communicate with around the world and have had our music played at home and over-seas on Internet and conventional radio stations. It’s been a great experience! Eric is a seasoned recording engineer with an outstanding studio and he turned out to be an outstanding producer for us as well. We thought we were simply going to the studio to make a record, we did that, but along the way we also made a true friend. Thanks for all the time and the hard work brother”. --Paul Bryant

Faith's JourneyFaith's Journey
“Eric has the ability to hear "diamonds in the rough". His suggestions and experience in production helped turn our first CD into so much more than we had anticipated. We enjoyed our time at Winterwood and anticipate recording our next project with Eric again.”
Richard Campbell


Susan FerreSusan Ferre
"It was indeed a pleasure to work with you to produce the organ recording at the new Bedient organ in Rodgers , Arkansas . The exceptionally beautiful location of the studio itself, your gracious attitude, well-honed skill and expertise, coupled with your generosity of time and spirit made this recording one of the more pleasurable of my career."

Sir Charles HammerSir Charles Hammer
"Over the past several years I have recorded at least 3, if not more, CD projects at Winterwood Studios. Each and every experience that I’ve had working at the studio and with the famed Eric Schabacker has been better than any sane artist could ever have hoped for. The first two words that come to mind when I think about Winterwood are Comfortable and Professional. If you’re serious about your career and are searching for THE PLACE to record, look no further….You’ve found it!"

EllenFoncannonStephensonEllen Foncannon Stephenson
"Recording at Winterwood Studios was a great experience. Eric Shabacker's expertise, skill and sensitive artistery brought my music to a new level. This was a partnership in producing a product of excellence and a thing of beauty. I am honored you want to use some of the music on your site."


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