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Recording Studio Spaces Arkansas

Studio A
Because of its size and harder surfaces, Studio A is ideal for tracking an entire rhythm section. This means a band can capture the energy and magic of a live performance by playing together in the same room. If more isolation is required, a combination of studios is the answer. By placing the drums, bass and other electronic instruments in Studio A and additional acoustic instruments or vocals in other studios which are linked by video, 100 percent isolation is easy. 

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Studio B
This is a great room for electric or acoustic guitars, brass or wind ensembles and vocals. Featuring hinged wall panels that allow for changing the room's acoustics, Studio B is a flexible working space well suited for a number of uses.

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Studio C
Studio C is the smallest but most utilized of all the rooms. Many projects have been cut entirely within this room including Crow Johnson's CD, HEARSAY. Studio C is the right choice for laying down vocals and guitar overdubs. Two smaller isolation booths are accessible from this area.

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Piano Room
With its 26 foot vaulted ceiling, wooden floors and massive size, the Piano Room offers the best possible space for recording either or both of Winterood's twin Steinway Pianos.

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Control Room
The heart of any studio complex is its Control Room. At Winterwood, the utmost care was taken to build a working space that is acoustically correct and comfortable. There is a producer's desk located directly behind the engineer's position that provides a large working space as well as a "Push To Talk" button allowing easy communications with the artists. Video links from all the studios add detailed viewing convenience for the artists. There is even a picture window that offers a magnificent view of Beaver Lake and the surrounding forest.

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Musician's Lounge
If the day gets too long or if it's not time to step up to the microphone, Winterwood provides a comfortable, well appointed Musician's Lounge for your relaxation. Homemade snacks, fruits and a selection of drinks are available here as well as a television and a DVD player. Various titles are provided.

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Winterwood boasts three Studios and a Piano Room from which artists can choose. Like our control room, every area employs the latest in acoustical engineering principles and was designed for both comfort and functionality. Each of the four environments is suitable for recording different instruments and /or for obtaining different results. Best of all, because of advanced video and audio links, every studio, as well as the piano room, can be used simultaneously providing a high degree of both flexibility and isolation.  Only a handful of studios in the country offer their clients the ability to view one another via closed circuit TV while recording. As if this isn't enough, each musician has their own microphone and push-to-talk foot pedal that insures instant and clear communications with one another. Add these two highlights to the ability we have provided for artists to create their own individual headphone mixes and you have a state of the art facility unmatched in it abilities and conveniences. 

“To extract an Artist’s very best, a studio must provide a comfortable working environment and one which is technically sound.” Surprisingly, there are still Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas recording studios, as well as recording studios in Tennessee and Texas that haven’t caught onto this way of thinking. Artists who demand these amenities are flocking to Arkansas and Winterwood Recording Studios.”

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Picnic Porch
Directly outside Studio B is a covered porch that overlooks the Ozark Mountains, Beaver Lake and the surrounding woods. With a large picnic style table and benches, this is a great spot to have lunch. From the porch, clients can take mountainside stairs that lead to a suspension bridge and the lake where additional shaded relaxation can be found.

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There are a number of casual and formal gardens located on the Winterwood Estate. Many of these have ponds or fountains and are intended for our guests’ enjoyment and revitalization.

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